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Zizzi Offers

by admin on February 18, 2012

Zizzi is currently a famous restaurant chain owned by the Gondola group and has about 87 branches in the United Kingdom. As an established Italian restaurant, Zizzi offers a broad variety of Italian cookery. What makes it stand out from its competitors is its use of genuine ingredients and recipes sourced from Italy. Zizzi Offers enable customers to enjoy traditional Italian meals at fine venues by spending less. The menu includes a variety of dishes including pasta, pizza, calzone, al forno and risotto dishes.
Zizzi Offers are updated regularly as the company releases new vouchers and discount codes from time to time. The discount cards or promo codes are redeemable at Zizzi venues and help customers save a substantial amount of money. For instance, you can save considerably on the main meal and even have you dessert for free. A single voucher could bring up to 25% deduction on your bill, and nobody will think of missing such opportunities. The ‘2 for 1’ specials allow you to get two meals at the price of one. Zizzi voucher  is obtainable over the Internet on coupon websites. These printable vouchers are the best money-saving means and need to be used before the validity period expires. Customers can browse the Zizzi website to get an idea of the variety of exquisite dishes offered by the restaurant. By signing up for newsletters, you can get updates of the vouchers and promo codes right into your inbox.
What’s more interesting about Zizzi is that its professional chefs create imaginative menus that change from season to season and they experiment with new flavors that blend wonderfully with the classic favorites. The delightful food and attractive ambience characteristic of Zizzi restaurants are accessible for a wide range of customers, thanks to the Zizzi offers that provide great discounts and deals.

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